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Keep an eye out for our 2018 schedule. We will post dates, places, and times this December.

2017 has been a fantastic year and we will be appearing in a number of new and exciting places in 2018. 

Fri-Aug    11  American Legion Post 28 De        8-12pm    

Sat-Aug   12  American Legion Post 28 De        7-11pm        

Sat-Sept   9    HPN Condo  Md                            1-4pm

Sat-Sept   30  Beach Barrels OC MD                  7-11pm   

Fri-Oct      27  American Legion Post 28 De       8-12pm    

Sat-Oct     28  American Legion Post 28 De       7-11pm

Sat-Nov    11  Beach Barrels OC MD                  7-11pm 

Sat-Nov    18  American Legion Post 28 De       7-11pm    

Sat-Nov    25  VFW Oceanview De                      6-10pm                               Sun-Dec   31  American Legion Post 28 De       8:30-12:30pm


This is the only venue in town where you can catch the finest dance music and entertainment in the coming months.